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Why Do Dental Implants Take So Long?

DentalImplantsIn the technologically progressive world of the cosmetic dentist and dental labs, there are an increasing number of procedures tailored to be executed with speed and efficiency in mind; teeth whitening procedures are just one example of a dental method that has advanced immensely over the years and transformed completely, into a procedure that can be performed relatively quickly at a cosmetic dentist’s office. Dental labs have aided in advancing the dental industry tremendously in recent years to offer now exciting options for patients looking to optimize their bite.

A common concern for patients considering dental implants concerns why it takes so many months to complete, rather than just a few hours or weeks. It’s important to understand how the process of dental implants involves not just the surgery itself, which is not insignificant, but also how it incorporates your body’s own healing process into the mix – taking time, of course, but also helping the procedure’s post-surgical longevity.

The dental implant is placed directly into the jawbone, a metal screw that replaces the tooth’s natural root in what will eventually anchor the new artificial tooth in place. That first surgery requires between three and six months for the area to sufficiently heal – the jawbone grows around the new implant, truly locking it in place over the healing process.

After those months have passed and the area has healed, the cosmetic dentist places dental abutments created at a dental lab on the now-permanent dental implants – these abutments will form the foundation for the next step, the placement of artificial teeth or permanent crowns.

It’s a lengthy, involved process that isn’t for the patient seeking a “quick fix”; after surgery, it falls on the patient to maintain their new dental implants with a strict regiment of oral hygiene and regular visits to the cosmetic dentist for follow-ups. But for patients who tire of wearing dentures or bridgework, its well worth it.

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