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Veneers or Dental Implants?

VeneersVsImplantsMissing, chipped, broken or poorly-spaced teeth can take a real toll on a person’s life. Beyond the difficulties patients often report in chewing and eating, there are the psychological issues related to self-esteem and confidence that stem from a person’s inability to smile without worrying about the impression they’re giving.

Often when patients begin the process of deciding whether their situation is best suited for dental veneers or dental implant surgery, one must take the time to outline each process. The short answer to “which is better” is, of course, “talk to your dentist”; that said, here are the basics of each procedure.

Veneers are, as the name implies, tremendously thin pieces of porcelain or composite resin created in which are applied to the front of your teeth, so that whatever aesthetic problems your teeth may have, they simply cannot be seen. These quality produced veneers are applied directly to the teeth and bonded there with special light-activated cement that hardens quickly. Indeed, speed is the hallmark of the veneer process: it’s quick, especially as compared to dental implants, and results are instantaneous.

Dental implants, conversely, are the result of a long process that usually involves not only the surgery itself but multiple subsequent visits to the dentist and relevant specialists. The process spans months, with long healing times in between steps in the process that can include jawbone grafts to help the metal mounting posts and artificial teeth effectively set into place. Unlike veneers, dental implants, created in a , completely replace teeth and roots, effectively reproducing earlier dental conditions with teeth made from durable, secure materials put together through modern technology at a .

Fundamentally, if you’re missing teeth, you’ll need dental implants since there is nothing for veneers to be attached to; conversely, if you’re just looking to cover discoloration, chips or gaps, veneers might be the best solution. That had been found where it fell into a salt deposit. a knockout post

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