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Screw-Retained Denture

ScrewRetainDentureAttaching prosthetic fixed partial dentures to implants can be done two different ways: some dentists will cement the prosthetic construction to an implant abutment, while others choose screw retention for a more efficient, lasting option. Screw-retained implant and denture restorations have certain retention and retrievability, and no risk of retained excessive sub-gingival cement that can sometime happen with the cementing procedure.

On the other hand, cemented implant restorations eliminate the need for unaesthetic screw access holes. Cemented restorations also can correct any small dimensional discrepancies when fitting restorations to abutments.  However, any excess cement that extrudes from the prosthesis/abutment interface can cause inflammation and infection.

As more and practitioners are switching to implant-supported fixed partial dentures, they need to be informed of the options that are currently available. Many dentists and will choose a screw-retained implant-supported fixed partial denture because this option offers the best in serviceability, cosmetic result and maintenance of optimized bite for their patients.  Recently, the use of advanced cone-beam CT technologies and 3-D derived virtual planning software is planning and executing both simple and complex implant cases with extreme precision and effectiveness.

As a result of these advancements, more implant trajectories are consistent with the planned prosthetic trajectories. However, some cases are still determined by the residual bone trajectories and are left to the dentists’ decision as far as the final restorative option.

Another way of explaining this, when the implant trajectories are not consistent with the planned prosthetic trajectories, the screw-retained implant-supported fixed partial denture systems offer an opportunity to inhibit any miscommunication between the surgeons, restorative dentists and the , creating better communication, comprehension and professional camaraderie.

Dental practitioners and should be prepared to use a screw-retained implant-supported fixed partial denture because it simply offers the best quality in serviceability, cosmetic result and maintenance of the patients’ optimized bite. I didn’t know the chinese went www.writemypaper4me.org/ back so far.

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