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Restorations of Implant

restorations-of-implantThe capable and experienced technicians of ALAI Labs can fulfill the most demanding implant prescriptions of our clients’ patients. To meet our dentists’ needs, we established a comprehensive dental implant division staffed with trained technicians dedicated to fabricating restorations of every type. Fabricating restorations designed to fit over implants is just one of the many benefits we provide to our clients.


An example of the Implant Services we offer is inclusive custom abutment with the final bridge or crown restoration included. Select from a range of restorative options to complete implant cases.


We’re available to work with our clientele from consultations and planning stages to the final restoration, ensuring optimal tissue biocompatibility as well as natural, beautiful aesthetics. By engaging with you from start to finish, we can ensure excellent tissue compatibility and optimum esthetics for your patients. With over 100 years of combined experience, technical skills and cutting-edge technology, we craft dental restorations to the exacting specifications of our dental clients. Experience the pride we take in providing our very finest work to each case we receive.

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Why ALAI Labs?

We have 100 years of combined experience, technical skills and state-of-the-art technology, we take pride in crafting dental restorations that satisfy your specifications.

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