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porcelain-veneersFirst invented in the late 1920s by a California dentist for film actors, the earliest veneers were made from acrylic and retained (temporarily) by denture adhesive. In 1982 researchers discovered that by etching porcelain with hydrofluic acid, composite resins could permanently bond veneers to tooth enamel. Today, with advanced bonding agents and cements, porcelain veneers customarily last for as long as thirty years. They are perhaps the premier dental technique used to enhance and beautify smiles.
The highly recognized veneer specialists at ALAI Labs are skilled at fabricating minimal and no-prep veneers. These products are meticulously hand-waxed to ensure the formation of ideal contours. Through our client dentists’ prescriptions, we help make the patients’ smile makeover complete.
Veneers owe their tremendous popularity in part to the fact that they enhance one’s smile without injections, drilling or pain. Monolithic lithium disilicate veneers provide natural, dazzling aesthetics with a precision fit and outstanding flexural strength. There are also veneers specifically designed for those whose teeth display years of wear and/or poor oral maintenance. They cloak dark underlying tooth structures and tooth gaps caused by gingivitis as well as multiple unit restorations discolored by bleached and light shades. Veneers also work in conjunction with long-span bridges and other larger reconstructions. Depending upon manufacturer and model, veneers may be either adhesively bonded or conventionally cemented.
Dentists from across North America trust ALAI Labs with prescriptions for accurate fabrication and contour shaping of their patients’ veneers. See why our reputation for excellence is unsurpassed among dental laboratories anywhere. http://eventicketsale.com

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