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Open Source CAD/CAM Implant Prosthesis Software

ALAI Labs utilizes an implant application software for designing custom abutments, implant bars, healing caps and complete virtual waxups for Screw-retained Bars and Bridges (SRBB). The dental practitioner has full access to a comprehensive range of implant systems. Moreover, the software system has the flexibility for users to create customized implant libraries with additional applications that allow the design of custom abutments directly on Ti-based systems. It’s an affordable solution that obtains rapid results.

The ALAI Labs open source software maintains complete oversight of the abutment’s integral specifications including clinical facets, emergence profile, abutment screw opening (including angulation) and screw channel extension. The mechanized operation of parallel axes assures ideal insertion of the bridge over abutments. If necessary, a number of abutment groups with parallel axes can be created.

Also called healing abutments or healing caps, installing a gingiva former on the implant during the healing phase prepares soft tissues for final restorations. ALAI Lab’s open source software customarily uses a preoperative model scan on which the implants were formerly positioned within the coDiagnostiX™ system as a feature of treatment protocol. Additionally, these gingiva formers are readily converted into custom abutments. Since healing and final abutments may be produced from the same order, a flawless correlation of subgingival shapes is achieved.

The ALAI Labs open software system highlights state-of-the-art editing functions to achieve unsurpassed customized results for implant bar design. Choose from a menu of implant bar types such as round, milled, Hader and Dolder or create a custom profile. Other features include an interactive axis, adjustable bar pillars and anatomically gingiva conformity as well as totally unconstrained or parallel plans implant bar segments and gratis spelen Club 2000. If scanning with a Dental Wings 3Series or 7Series model scanner, precision is guaranteed via a software generated certificate. Note that screw-retained bridges can be created in the same manner as a regular bridge uniting pontics with custom abutments.

The ALAI Lab implant prosthesis software eliminates laborious waxup handcrafts. By using the scan file with implant locators, full arch waxups that correspond with soft tissue are recommended by the system, resulting in a full contour SRBB or reduced anatomies framework. The prosthetic aspects of occlusal contact table, gingiva line and insertion axis can easily be modified for a perfect fit. And anterior and posterior sectors are managed as independent elements for greater efficiency. finest.se

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