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Making a More Accurate Impression

Have you ever received a message from your dental lab saying, “We are going to need a more accurate impression”, you probably cringed. Getting the patient back in for a new impression causes you, the dentist, valuable chair time and inconveniences your patient. An accurate dental impression is critical to assure good appliance fit and minimal chair-side adjustment. Even the most experienced practitioner can encounter difficulties when making an impression. As your dental lab we want your process to go as smooth as possible to ensure an excellent experience for you and your patients.dental impressions

Making an accurate impression is the first and most important step in creating superior prosthetic restorations for your patients.

A good impression will have the following:
Uniform, homogeneous mix of materials
Tray is sufficiently filled with impression material
Throughly applied tray adhesive
Rigid, sturdy impression tray
No voids or pulls on margin detail
Detailed margins with no tears or rough surfaces
No tray show-through of the impression material
Good blend between heavy body and light body materials
Strong bond between impression material and tray
No tooth contact with the tray

As a dental lab, ALAI Laboratories is committed to assisting dentists in saving chair time and delivering superior restorations to your patients.

In our mission to provide educational and helpful articles for dentists, we discovered this wonderful trouble shooting e-book from 3M, Making Better Impressions. In this e-book, common issues with solutions are outlined such as: lack of impression detail, tearing at the margin, voids on the margin, and other problems.

Click here to be directed to the 3M Impression Trouble Shooting Guide.    Impressions Troubleshooting Guide from 3M

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