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lava-Crowns-and-BridgesProsthetic restorations made from all-ceramic materials are touted as one of the most esthetic and clinically proven treatments available today. We feature quality restoration products from ESPE (a division of multinational conglomerate 3M), which offer excellent long-term stability with no allergenic or toxicity potential. Milled from a presintered zirconia block, each framework is colored using one of eight shades sourced from VITA Zahnfabrik H. Rauter, a respected German dental technology company. After sintering for 10 hours to gain strength and fracture resistance, we layer the framework with feldspathic porcelain tested and certified by British materials development concern Lucideon (formerly known as Ceram). The final restoration demonstrates exceptional marginal fit, lifelike translucency and long-term durability. We customize anterior and posterior single-unit crowns, bridges up to 6 units (with a maximum span length of 55 mm), inlay bridges, wing-type bridges, implant copings and cantilever bridges. We also offer full-contour digital restorations using the digital veneer system (DVS) from ESPE. DVS delivers consistent strength, optimized fit and excellent esthetics. DVS is more esthetic than single-layer pressed ceramics due to its unique composition. Made from three main layers — zirconia coping, fusion porcelain and glass ceramic material.

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We have 100 years of combined experience, technical skills and state-of-the-art technology, we take pride in crafting dental restorations that satisfy your specifications.

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