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Implant Overdentures: Excellent Support, Excellent Results

ALAI1204If you’re considering implant overdentures North Palm Beach dental professionals agree they’re an excellent alternative to traditional dentures for a number of reasons. Implant overdentures are designed to attach either to whatever remaining natural teeth you might have or — more commonly — to dental implants that have been surgically installed. Where regular dentures rest on the gums and adhere through suction and thus have a tendency to slide or move, implant overdentures — since they’re attached directly to tooth roots or dental implants — don’t budge at all.

That stability is advantageous for a number of reasons. Most obviously, dentures that don’t move are easier to eat and speak with; implant overdentures installed with dental implants feel and behave the same way natural teeth do. That improvement in the patient’s ability to eat — specifically chewing and biting — has a sort of trickle-down effect on their health, in that they’re more likely to find themselves comfortable eating crunchy, fibrous fruits and vegetables, and thereby improve their overall health.

Perhaps just as importantly, implant overdentures avoid the atrophy of the jawbone commonly associated with traditional dentures. That bone loss inevitably leads to the “facial collapse” effect in which premature wrinkling and a sunken appearance in facial contour makes a patient look older than they would otherwise. Implant overdentures require no creams or adhesives to function, and indeed are relatively low maintenance especially when compared to traditional dentures.

Improving appearance, retaining bone structure, and providing a way to improve overall health with better nutrition: these are the advantages of implant overdentures many patients see. For more information about implant overdentures from the dental lab North Palm Beach dental professionals recommend to their colleagues more than any other, please contact us today.

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