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Implant Bar Overdenture From Your Dental Lab

Dental implants seem to be one area of dentistry that is on the rise. The reason may be partly due to consumer awareness or advance technologies and products. Implant manufacturers are investing a small fortune into marketing, education and materials. With the different implant treatment options, dental laboratories are doing more complex implant cases, requiring the use of new materials and technologies.alailabimplantbar

With 3D Software and a Nobel Pocera Scanner, a technician has the capability of designing a variety of things. One being titanium implant bar overdentures and hybrid bars with the desired attachments. Depending on the patient’s treatment plan and budget constraints, a fixed or removable bar can be fabricated to fit their needs.

Until recently, one of the challenging areas in implant dentistry was to achieve passive insertion and fit of a cast screw-retained metal framework for a bar-retained over-denture or a fixed partial denture. Occasionally after receiving the cast framework from the lab, it had to be sectioned, the segments needed to be reunited and the united framework had to be picked up in an impression, sent back to the lab for soldering or welding.

The introduction of CAD/CAM technology eliminated this predicament. The cast gold dolder bar framework is replaced by a milled bar from a solid block of Medical Grade 4 titanium alloy. Once an accurate impression is taken, the model is scanned and an over-denture bar is designed using specialized software and equipment.

The bar is then milled using a Pantogram milling device. This milled framework is a mono-block that has a truly passive fit (the bars are milled with an accuracy of 8 microns between interfaces). As a result, no welding or soldering is necessary, which in turn means a stronger infrastructure for the over-denture.

The dental laboratory can create a wide variety of bar designs and attachment configurations as well as many platforms for different implant systems. They can be screwed directly to the implant restorative platform or to the abutments restorative platform. These bars are extremely lightweight, have no porosities and are polished with a mirror polish result.

The result is an over-denture that is easy to maintain and does not cause harm to the surrounded soft tissue.

Implant supported milled bar overdentures is an optimal treatment option for completely edentulous patients with limited bone volume or limited finances. They offer the advantages of removable prostheses with the retention, stability and support of fixed prostheses

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