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Guided Surgery Software
We now offer guided surgery software for our valued clients. Our coDiagnostiX™ package, made by Dental Wings GmbH of Chemnitz, Germany, is a dental implantology conception combining dental implant planning with surgical drill guide design. This software facilitates the delivery of safe and consistently predictable results while the dental clinician realizes increased treatment efficiency and higher productivity.
Innovation that Delivers
The coDiagnostiX™ system interprets 3D image information from (CB)CT scanners to correspond to models or impression scans with gingiva and tooth data. The software features time efficient, all digital workflow without the need for a scan template. Drill guides featuring the coDiagnostiX™ system bolster implant insertion via guided surgery.
Advantages of the Guided Surgery System for Dentists

  • Provides definitive best-practice treatment with a minimum of patient visits at an economical cost since no mandatory scan template is required.
  • Minimally invasive surgical procedure.
  • Seamless integration of surgical and prosthetic procedures.
  • Precision, customized drill guides featuring unsurpassed accuracy and temporary interim restorations are available directly from the dental laboratory.
  • Dental clinicians benefit from the dental lab’s streamlined production practices.

Advantages of the Guided Surgery System for Dental Labs

  • Provides service to the increasing prevalence of digital implant cases.
  • Achieves proprietary benefits from a customizable, open-source software system.
  • Seamlessly consolidate surgical and prosthetic procedures.
  • Enhance and upgrade the conformity of implant production restorations
  • In-house production of precise, highly accurate drill guides.
  • In-house design and production of temporary interim restorations via DWOS software.

Digital workflow and drill guides
By supporting both local and centralized drill guide production, the coDiagnostiX™ system offers unmatched flexibility and efficiency with cost-effective fabrication from the automation of high capacity milling machinery or 3D printing. This innovative best-practice technology benefits both the dental clinician and the laboratory, building an enduring business collaboration between principals.

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