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EmaxThe E-max crown is an all-ceramic product dental labs carry that has proven to have longer-sustainability as well as superior aesthetic qualities.  E-max is becoming a more popular choice in the dental lab industry due to its optimal, attractive appearance that blends in perfectly with the rest of patients’ teeth and is an excellent choice for teeth that are damages, stained, or in poor general condition.

This specific genre of crown boasts a realistic, translucent color while also demonstrates exceptional strength and durability.  The E-max crown is created in a dental lab from a block of lithium disilicate ceramic, a high-end material that has been developed for crowns to ensure toughness, durability and top-notch esthetic appeal.  It is considered an enormous advancement in modern day dental technology.  At a dental lab, the end product is tested and approved high quality, durable product that also maintains a delicate, realistic appearance.

An E-max crown fitting is determined on the condition of a patient’s teeth and the extent of work that will be required.  It is a common requirement to need an ounce of tooth preparation.  To begin the prep work, an examination of the tooth needing treatment is needed.  After being cleaned, the tooth will then need to be re-shaped using a small drill.  Re-shaping the tooth and cleaning it is to ensure an easier, more efficient procedure when fitting it with the prepared crown.  The amount of tooth needed to be removed is determined by the condition and damages suffered on the tooth being repaired.  If the tooth has significant staining, a greater portion will need to be taken off.  After drilling, an impression of the teeth is made.  This impression is then sent to a dental lab which uses the impression as a cast used to create the E-Max crown.  Once created, the crown is fitted and its coloring is made to be a perfect match.  Once placed in the patient’s mouth, it is cleaned and polished.

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