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Implant-Supported Dentures From The Dental Lab Florida Trusts

ALAILABS1101Implant-supported dentures can be an effective improvement in look and functionality — better in many ways than standard dentures.

Implants in general are long-lasting and inherently stable; implant-supported dentures and bridges capitalize upon that durability and stability, offering a more comfortable prosthetic that allows for easier, more natural-feeling biting and chewing than with conventional dentures. While the psychological effects of being able to bite and chew more naturally are certainly important — many patients say it’s a critical factor in their quality of life, making them feel better about themselves and improving overall health in that way — there are certainly more tangible advantages. Notably, when a patient eats a wider variety of foods more easily and with less interference from the prosthetic, their nutrition is improved, a substantial health benefit.

Moreover, there are benefits to be had in terms of preserving the bone of the jaw itself. The implants — typically metal screws — are placed directly into the jaw, after which procedure the bone gradually bonds to the surface of the implants. This essentially replaces the tooth root structure, and helps keep the bone healthy, rather than the gradual degenerative effects seen with conventional dentures where the jawbone begins to deteriorate over time. Recessed or resorbed jawbones are progressively more difficult to fit to conventional dentures, and can lead to a collapsed-appearing face and smile.

The implant-supported dentures themselves should be created by a Dental Laboratory Florida dental professionals are confident can produce a strong, aesthetically-pleasing final product — typically an acrylic and porcelain prosthetic that looks just like your real teeth. About Me / Nicolas Letul

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