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Dental Veneers – Safe, Effective Improvement

VeneersOne of the most exciting advancements in the dental lab industry we’ve seen in the last few years has been in dental veneers, and how far they’ve come since they were first implemented. Modern dental veneers are an extremely effective and safe way to address all sorts of problems with the appearance of teeth – from worn, chipped or broken teeth to those that are irregular or poorly-aligned, stained or otherwise discolored, or even spaced too far apart.  Because of new materials and methods of manufacturing developed by dental labs, veneers have made a huge leap forward in our modern age.

Veneers are incredibly thin, and usually made in a dental lab from porcelain – although increasingly veneers are styled from resin composite materials, which can be worked into even thinner spaces thanks to CAD/CAM technology and therefore increasing the amount of situations where their use would be beneficial. Whatever the material used and materialized in the dental lab, veneers are simply bonded directly to the front of a patient’s teeth, effectively hiding whatever problems are inherent in the existing smile and replacing them with a brighter, smoother, and better-shaped appearance.

Dentists remove a fraction of a millimeter of existing tooth enamel from areas where a veneer will be applied – precisely the depth that will be replaced by the veneer itself. When the veneers are fitted and carefully trimmed – typically over one or two visits – they are permanently bonded to each tooth, using specially engineered cement that is chemically activated by a unique beam of light, causing it to harden and cure extremely fast.

Dental veneers can be a great option for particular teeth appearance issues, and typically will last between 5 and 10 years before needing placement. They require no special care or maintenance beyond that required in any standard dental health regimen, and the porcelain veneers currently available through dental labs are particularly resistant to future staining. Moreover, the procedure itself is relatively simple and offers the prospect of naturally-looking teeth that are strong and immediately improve the appearance of the patient’s smile.

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