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IPS e.max: Wellington Dentists’ Breakthrough Material

ALAILABS1104When looking for the perfect material with which to create dental crowns, dental professionals try to balance aesthetics with strength. Little can compete with the strength of traditional metals like gold or silver, but they’re not as natural looking as many patients prefer; similarly, while ceramics are a material that can give a more natural look to prosthetics, they can in many cases suffer from some enduring durability issues.

Any dental lab Wellington dentists or prosthodontists look to will agree the introduction of IPS e.max into their industry has been nothing less than a breakthrough.  IPS e.max is a proprietary lithium disilicate glass ceramic that has the durable, strong and translucent properties that are absolutely perfect for dental crowns.  IPS e.max balances strength and aesthetics in an unparalleled way — offering patients and practitioners the possibility of ceramic crowns that are uncompromising in functionality.

Patients who have crown fashioned with IPS e.max enjoy more natural-looking teeth, in part because of the wonderful material and in part because they require no coping — e.g. no give-away visible lines at the gum line. Further, because crowns milled with IPS e.max are taken from a single block, the dentist has a better opportunity to match the crown’s color to existing teeth.

The strength of IPS e.max is truly remarkable; exhaustive materials testing has shown the lithium disilicate material is measurably less likely to fracture or even chip than any other ceramic material that’s coming out of dental labs right now; and patient satisfaction, especially considering how little time IPS e.max has had on the market, is through the roof. There simply isn’t another material that is and will be as transformative to the industry as IPS e.max. For more information, please contact us today.

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