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Dental Lab Palm Beach Gardens: Flexible Dentures

ALAILABS1103The prevailing school of thought among for many years was that rigidity was the number one characteristic most important for removable partials; dentures from the — Palm Beach Gardens or anywhere else — had to be stiff to stay strong and do their job.

More recently, however, a certain degree of flexibility in full and partial has been found to be preferable; patient comfort was in many ways the driving force behind the shift in thinking, both in day-to-day wear and in the process of removing and replacing the . However it also turned out that a flexible base allowed the to better react to the endless movement that takes place inside the mouth — during speaking and chewing, but even at other times.

typically attach without the need for metal clasps to hold them in place — this obviates the need for metal or other unnatural-looking material that could take away from a patient’s smile when seen. Typically the materials used in blend in nicely with existing teeth and gums, and are aesthetically preferable to metal materials — and, notably, are done with a far simpler preparation, since existing teeth don’t need to go through any grinding or altering process beforehand.

help patients’ faces keep their natural-looking shapes, and help keep existing teeth from shifting further off track. With an easier time chewing, of course, a patient’s nutrition is improved along with their diet. And have been shown to decrease a patient’s overall risk of gum disease over time.

Maintenance requirements for are relatively simple, and include regular cleanings at home and under the supervision of a . For more information please today!

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