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Full Cast Gold Restoration: Solving Problems With Beauty And Strength

ALAILABS1102Any dental lab Boca Raton dental professionals use should be familiar with the creation of full cast gold restorations; full cast gold is highly reliable and durable for crowns, veneers, bridges, inlays and onlays, and has many advantages.

Gold, which for dental use is typically 18 or 24 karat, is highly malleable; that means it can be shaped by a dental professional into the precise shape of any tooth, and won’t crack or break in the molding process. This means the restoration itself will require a very minimal amount of natural tooth reshaping for proper fitting. Gold will maintain its full strength during shaping and molding, and will hold its strength under the high pressures of biting and chewing — and it will even flex slightly and retain its shape in ways and with properties that are nearly comparable with natural tooth enamel. This ability to flex also has the added benefit of causing fewer problems with coming into contact with opposing teeth; gold crowns typically cause less wear on opposing teeth than those made of more brittle materials.

In addition to strength, gold is an excellent material for restorations because it’s one of the least reactive metals on the planet — it won’t rust (or “oxidize”) in constant contact with saliva, for example, and won’t react to anything a patient would ever put in his or her mouth. It is also highly acid-resistant, which is advantageous to anything so integrated with the human digestive system as a tooth restoration.

Finally, gold has an intrinsic beauty that’s hard to beat, and one that will last as long as 50 years or more with minimal maintenance. Full cast gold from a dental lab Boca Raton dentists have trusted for years can be an excellent choice for crowns and restorations.

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