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Dental Implants: An Investment in Your Smile

Cosmetic dentists can suggest many procedures and dental lab products to improve the look and function of your smile, and many of them are quick procedures that will get you out and about fast. Indeed, many of the procedures that took hours to perform (and weeks to recover from) have evolved over the years into ones that will take your dentist just minutes, with dental lab products that are built to last, and where your post-procedure downtime is practically no time at all.

Because of this, it’s often a surprise to patients when their dentist tells them how long they will need to recover from dental implant surgery. It’s important to realize that recovery time is long — from several weeks to a few months — not because the procedure is antiquated, or has stagnated without improved treatment practices. It takes time because it utilizes your body’s natural healing powers in the process, helping the implants be more successful. And that’s a time investment you’ll appreciate having made for years to come.

Dental implants are created utilizing state of the art technology at a dental lab, sent out to the dental office to be attached to a patient’s jaw, with metal alloy screws that take the place of a natural tooth’s root. Ultimately, those screws will be the strong anchor point from which your cosmetic dentist will build the rest of your smile — but the dentist knows those points need to be well-established.

To that end, the initial surgery that places those screws is followed by a few months of healing time, where the existing bone will grow around the screws, making them permanent and rock-solid. After that healing period, the rest of the “smile building” can take place.

Again, it’s not an overnight process, and dental implants can take a long time to become sufficiently strong. But talk to your dentist about the benefits of the surgery, and you may find it’s the best way to improve your smile.

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