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Custom Implant Abutments

custom-implant-abutmentsALAI Labs fabricates Inclusive Custom Implant Abutments to the dental clinician’s specifications for optimal crown aesthetics and soft tissue contours. Available in both zirconia and titanium, these implant abutments are designed with the use of 3D CAD/CAM algorithms and precision milled with five-axis machining. They are interchangeable with as many as 11 of the most widely used dental implant systems.


Each Inclusive Custom Implant Abutment is modeled and fabricated by adhering to uncompromising quality control protocols. The ALAI team of engineers, machinists, quality control technicians and dentists put their decades of combined knowledge and experience into each dental product they manufacture. Their expertise in the finer points of implant dentistry, prosthetic devices and cutting-edge digital technologies empowers them to reflect quick turn around times.


ALAI fabricates customized CAD/CAM solutions based on the dental clinician’s model work or design file, delivering immaculate implant abutments meeting the highest quality standards. Natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing emergences are meticulously milled to precise specifications, optimizing crown definition and soft tissue contours. These quality emergences assure outstanding gingival health with minimal gaps, giving the patient a magnificent ceramic restoration.

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Why ALAI Labs?

We have 100 years of combined experience, technical skills and state-of-the-art technology, we take pride in crafting dental restorations that satisfy your specifications.

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