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ALAI Labs utilizes a powerful software package specifically engineered for the application of crown and bridge prosthetic design. Flexible, efficient and comprehensive, its ease of use allows lab clinicians to exercise their full range of skills when confronting even the most challenging dental cases.

  • Comprehensive Design Capacities

The applications of this open source CAD/CAM software includes a myriad of components to address the full range of crown and bridge restorations including copings, frameworks, onlays, inlays and veneers, post and core, hollow pontics and many more. The flexibility of the software package permits indication change during the design session whenever needed. Switch from a simple coping to full crown, divide a bridge due to divergent preparations or delete a pontic due to insufficient space.

  • Portals to Document Libraries

With the open architecture of the CAD/CAM system, the dental or lab clinician can interface a range of peripherals, accessing specialized documentation facilitated by the open source software. Create dossiers on treatment specializations such as crown anatomies, implant kits and more. Take advantage of the open source software to build or customize proprietary libraries from existing documentation. Choose from material and anatomy libraries, implant kits, articulators and attachments from companies such as Rhein83 USA and XPDent Corporation.

  • Perceptive Crown Element Creation

Since the CAD/CAM software uses recognizable dental tool references throughout the open source platform, minimal training is needed to assure a seamless transition from analog to digital. The capability to alternate between editing tools on any given prosthesis with real-time visualization of modifications makes the design process inherently inferential to the clinician. One capability of the platform is the use of 3D transforms to easily scale, position and rotate the target object. Another is the virtual waxer, which replicates a standard waxing knife, providing free-form access to the morphing mode.

  • Automation of Design Work Processes

Dental clinicians with minimal training can readily generate production-quality full contour crown and bridges by using theCrown and Bridge Wizard. This innovative feature walks the user throughout the complete procedure from scanning to generation of production files. The Virtual Articulator adds kinematic taxonomy to enhance process. By highlighting occlusive contacts and suggesting necessary modifications for the prosthesis design, the time spent on chairside occlusion adjustments is significantly reduced, expediting the seating process and improving the comfort of the patient.

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Why ALAI Labs?

We have 100 years of combined experience, technical skills and state-of-the-art technology, we take pride in crafting dental restorations that satisfy your specifications.

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