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Modern Dentures: Durable, Functional Appliances

ALAI1203dentures West Palm Beach dental professionals recommend for their patients. A conventional denture is one created for a situation where all the remaining teeth, if any, in a patient’s mouth have been removed, and the gums have completely healed. What’s known as an “immediate” denture is one that’s brought into the process sooner, typically right after extraction; immediate dentures are placed onto the gums, and the gums heal beneath them while in place.

Upper dentures, as the name implies, are built for the top half of the mouth, with a piece of flesh-colored acrylic that serves to cover the roof of the mouth; lower dentures lack that center piece, leaving room for a patient’s tongue to allow for better speech while wearing it. The artificial teeth in dentures are made of a composite plastic or porcelain — or in some cases a combination of both — and can be created in such a way that they can attach to gums, remaining teeth or even dental implants if the patient has undergone the implant surgery procedure and has fully healed.

Modern dentures do not last forever, and indeed a patient’s denture needs can change over time; the position and alignment will vary as the jawbone changes, the natural reaction of the gum ridges due to the extraction process. However, today’s materials and techniques do offer a much higher level of durability than those created even just a few years or a decade ago. With a relatively low level of maintenance and regular visits to the dentist for examinations, dentures can bring many years of function and aesthetics to patients.

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