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Implant Abutments: Royal Palm Beach Lab Explains Implants

ALAI1202One of the most comprehensive, durable and effective dental procedures to help mitigate the effects of damaged, decayed or missing teeth is the . Long a staple procedure for the emergency and family practice dentist, the popularity of the procedure among cosmetic dentists has led to an increased interest in the aesthetic qualities of the implants themselves — and every responsible professionals have sought to improve upon the materials used.

An important part of the process is the abutment, a connecting device typically installed upon the top of the as a transition between the implant and the replacement teeth — the crown. Where the is usually made of titanium or some other lightweight, non-reactive metal that allows for good bonding between the jaw bone and the post, the abutment is designed with nearly as many different materials as the crowns themselves, depending upon the application and preferences of the dental professional.

Regardless of the materials chosen, the biggest concerns for patients remain form and function; they want their new teeth to work as well as their old teeth did (at least, before their dental problems began to manifest themselves), and they want their new smile to be as attractive they remember it being. Perhaps the biggest advantage to is that despite the elaborate and lengthy nature of the procedure, the results are usually rated by patients with a high level of satisfaction; , once complete, nearly duplicate the look and feel of the original teeth, allowing a patient to chew, bite, talk and live their lives with the greatest amount of freedom — and since dental implants are so durable, they are likely to last as long as the patient needs them.

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