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Full Cast Gold Restorations Boynton Beach Dentists Trust

ALAI1201Despite growth and advancement in technologies and methodologies with regard to dental materials, there remains a solid demand and use for full cast gold in restorations; from crowns to bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers, full cast gold remains popular among dental professionals and their patients.

The popularity remains among dentists for obvious reasons; gold has a malleability that exceeds that of nearly every other material used in dentistry, in that it can be carefully, artfully shaped into whatever shape is needed — and won’t lose any strength during the shaping stage. That strength will continue as the restoration goes into service in the patient’s mouth, easily withstanding the stresses related to chewing, biting, and swallowing, through a combination of strength and an ability to flex that has made full cast gold a natural choice for years.

In addition, the malleability of gold allows for more intricate shaping that corresponds to less reshaping of the natural tooth itself, allowing patients to keep more of their natural teeth than with other materials. Gold is naturally resistant to the acids found inside the mouth, and is non-reactive with saliva and liquid in general — gold cannot rust.

For patients, the natural beauty and allure of gold translates into their mouths with relative ease; while in years past there may have been a stigma associated with a smile that showed a hint of gold, a number of celebrities have adopted visible dental gold as a symbol of success, and an increasing number of patients have begun to ask specifically for gold in their restoration work.

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