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3 Reasons to Choose Alai Laboratories Dental Lab in 2014

DENTALLAB204 selection is a personal and very important choice each clinician must make for their practice, patient results and personal reputation. Here are the top four ways, Alai demonstrates it’s commitment to providing resources to make our clients more successful.

1. Case acceptance.   Material selection is a moot point, until your patient says YES to treatment. Our photo books featuring porcelain veneers, as well as photos from our website have been used countless times for smile design, full mouth rehabilitation and routine crown and bridge case acceptance.  Our collateral material, books and photo gallery are well worth their price in gold to our partners. These images open up a dialogue and discussion with your patient and assists in clarifying expectations. It also illustrates the difference to your patient, in your commitment, by using a high quality .

2. Our expertise. Our account specialists have personally reviewed thousands of smile designs and even more bread and butter type posterior restorations.  Cases ranging from straight forward all porcelain veneer cases to more complex combination cases involving porcelain fused to metal, zirconia and implants.  They will advise you from the beginning to the end of each case.  Often times because we have dealt with so many reconstructive cases, we can evaluate and advise options that you may not previously thought possible. Do you need help with phasing a treatment plan to fit it into a patient’s budget? Or require complex multi-disciplinary support? Expertise is simply one of the many things that separates us from many today.

3. New product testing.   With our reputation for excellence, manufacturers provide us with equipment and materials prior to their release to the general market.  We were one of the first laboratories to beta test e.Max crowns, veneers and bridges, and that has allowed us to perfect our process.  We take the time to master new materials before releasing to our clients.  Every Alai crown is uniquely and skillfully created by our ceramists for you.   Every smile design we create is a representation of the creative synergy of three forces, patient, doctor and .  We are proud to be recognized as a leading edge by our clients and manufacturer’s alike.

We invite you to experience the Alai difference. We value our relationships and understand the importance of continuing as a partner in our client’s massive success. It is http://topspyingapps.com/ currently one of the front runners in the tracking industry

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